S2E2 The Music from the Movie The Santa Clause

Summary In this late episode, we go into the music from the ever-popular movie The Santa Clause. We also look at who won round eight of The great Tinsel Tunes Battle Royale 2019 and introduce the contenders for round nine. Thank you again, everyone, for your continued support. I appreciate it very much. Check out…More

S2E1 One Year Anniversary Q&A Episode

Summary In this episode, we celebrate our 1st anniversary birthday. I’ve been doing this podcast for 1 year. My how time flies. I asked my loyal listeners to send in some questions, for a Q&A session and you did just that. We also find out what my top favorite Christmas songs are. We find round…More

S1E14 Top Five Worst Christmas Songs

Summary In this episode, I’ll show you the top five worst Christmas songs as voted by our listeners on our social media pages. Links to info from this episode: Christmas Past Podcast Leon Day Episode. Episode 36: Leon Day (Plus Special Announcements) You can buy Buy Tinsel tunes Merchandise here. NOTE: Not safe for work or…More